Welcome to Greenline Medical Billing Solutions

A constant cash flow allows our clients to focus on their medical practice. Our experienced staff use best practices developed over years of handling medical claims to ensure predictable revenue stream. Helping health care providers with their medical billing issues gave us the experience to yield secure and faster payment for them.

We have achieved 92% percent acceptance and payment recovery rate on first submission and 100% claim submission. We safeguard payout for any speciality due to  responsibly manage every claim. This can be attributed to our proprietary knowledge based system utilising  thousands of rules.

“We at Greenline believe in developing credibility through result oriented solutions. Contact us and schedule a consultation session for free”

What we can do for you

  • Fee Schedule Review and Analysis
  • Assistance with EDI, ERA, and Provider Enrollment
  • Account Receivables Management
  • Incoming Patient Calls
  • Referral and Authorization alert
  • Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments
  • Patient Statement Processing and Mailing
  • Appeal of all Denied or Low Paid Claims

  • Eligibility verification
  • Electronic and Paper Claims Submission
  • Secondary Insurance Billing
  • Old Account Receivables Recovery
  • Charge Entry – All Specialties
  • Extensive Insurance Follow Up
  • Denial Review and Management
  • Management Reports


Greenline helps health care providers with their medical billing problems. We have been around for three years now and our happy clients love our personal attention to every task.  We take care our clients by providing a complete billing support service without bifurcating tasks. This frees up health care providers to concentrate on patients.

We are a team of billing professionals with more than 2 decades of experience in dealing with different networks and commercial payers. We relish every opportunity to help people with their medical billing needs.  We know how time consuming and frustrating these things can be, so if you would like to get things done by experts quickly and effectively look no further and Contact us now.

What People Say

Attentive support team and knowledgeable account managers. Great professional work. Nixa, Hackensack sleep and Pulmonology - Office Manager
I didn’t realize how much time I spent handling claims. Dr. Shena Murad, Murad and Kastenholz, MD - Doctor
They are very handy whenever I am swamped with excessive claim denials.
It is amazing how quickly they assisted in claim submission and denial management. Kurt Michael - Medical Billing Consultant